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David Geoghegan


March 14, 2019

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How do I turn promotions into risk-free cash, you can do the same.

A few years ago, I decided to leave Ireland and travel around the world. I had no real plan, but I knew I wanted to try to make money with my laptop. So I can live my own way.

After three months of backpacking in Asia, my money is being spent at an amazing rate. I decided I needed a safety net in case I couldn’t work online and didn’t want to end up working in the back alley of Bangkok. So I booked a ticket to Australia, where if I can’t think of all the money on the Internet, I can work for this person.

In 2015, I started to develop IOS applications through an online course. At that time, the market was saturated and making money was a tough battle. It was added to a pile of failed and half hearted business ventures.

Soon after, I began to look for other opportunities to make money online so that I could keep my dream of permanent travel and financial independence. I started to study FBA (implemented by Amazon) drop shipment, basically selling products through Amazon.

Luck comes at the right time!

In a study at a seaside cafe in Perth, I stumbled upon a British man who used something called risk-free matching bets to fund his adventures and the FBA business. He didn’t sell anything, he was just telling stories. I’m curious.

After doing some research online, I realized that people have been doing this in the UK since 2012, and then I found a basic guide that involved me investing $30 on a gaming website to get a $30 registration bonus. The tutorial claims that within 20 minutes, I will get back my original money from the remaining registration bonus and guarantee a profit of $20. Obviously there is no risk, it looks suspicious.

After doing some research and reading Wikipedia and Huffington Post Articles, I’m sure I wasn’t cheated. So I went through these steps, and finally my excitement led me to a risk-free profit for the first time. There are two things that excite me, but none of them are the $20 profit I just made easily.

Exciting events № 1

I know I can replicate it with other gaming companies and make some quick money to get me into the next adventure. (when I wrote this, I was in a cafe in Buenos Aires)

As we all know, the gambling industry in Australia is a crazy industry, so gambling companies have to pay a high price to compete with each other, and some companies will provide more than $500 bonus to register. I use all of these registered promotions to lure us to turn them into riskless profits, just like my initial $20. I made more than $500 in the first two weeks, and I was fascinated.

Exciting events № 2

The second thing that really frustrates me is that while the tutorial is great, it’s only for the UK market. I keep telling my friends to get involved, although it’s easy to do, but in a two minute chat, matching bets are hard to explain to someone.

So, with the extra cheddar cheese and the time I had to spare without real-life work, I went on a trip & decided to set up a free matching betting resource in Australia similar to the UK, which helped me a lot.

Well, matched betingoz was born, a step-by-step guide to helping anyone learn how to turn a signing offer into guaranteed cash. At first, it was just for my friends and family. I planned to invest my income in Amazon’s FBA business, and then move on. Then I noticed that some emails came from people who accidentally found my tutorial, many of whom wanted to participate. So I decided to answer the questions I wanted to know at the beginning, and I’m still doing it two years later. The site has grown considerably, but it is still completely free.

I’m getting emails from people who want me to help them start traveling around the world, just like I did two years ago. I’m glad to know that I’m helping people enjoy life in some way.

For the past two years, I’ve kept everything on the site 100% free so anyone can participate, just like when I first stumbled across it.

I suggest two things. First, do your own research. Never trust anyone on the Internet, even such a handsome and trustworthy person. Second, read the Australian Gaming Guide. When you are ready, try it yourself. It will probably change your life.

I invest my profits in tourism and bitcoin. I hope you can do something interesting with your money!


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