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April 23, 2018

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Unlike desktop games, which feature the same boring characters, slot machines offer a variety of interesting characters. In this respect, slot machines are more entertaining than table games because of their characters, symbols, bright colors and charming music. Maybe all the entertainment options make slot machines so popular.

By the way, in online casinos, slot machines are the second most popular game, only poker is more popular. In addition, one out of every 20 dollars is rotated by virtual slot machines. You see, slot machines are becoming more and more popular. There is no doubt that their fascinating roles play an important role in making slot machines the second most popular gambling game in the virtual world.

Yes, there are many types of slot machines. They all have different symbols and characters. However, some characters seem to be more attractive than others. Here’s a list of our most popular characters in slot machine games.


As we all know, Raytheon is the God of thunder in Norwegian mythology. He is the character in our favorite online slot game, thunderstrike. Of course, Thor is not the only Nordic element in the game. In fact, thunderstrike is based on Norwegian mythology, and it even has a strong drumming background. In the game, Thor is used to implement matching payment lines.

In order to win, players must get the right winning combination. Thor rewarded the winner, flashing his eyes like a flash of light and letting his blonde hair drift in the wind.


This is the name of the brave bull in the slot game wild Toro. Toro is a very naughty young bull with a bright smile on his face and muscular upper body. In the process of rotation, Toro and the matador face to face, check one by one in five scrolls, and finally knock the matador down on the screen, leaving a string of symbols.

Toro is arguably one of the most recognizable characters in the field of online slot games.

Agent Jane brand

Agent Jane blonde is a multi-dimensional spy and the star of the online slot machine game of the same name. Although there are many symbols on the scroll, such as lipstick and grenades, agent Jane blonde can replace them all, that is, she is the beast in the game. In addition, any winnings that feature agents will double.

Agent Jane brand’s image was created in a cartoon style, which attracted players and made them part of the mysterious world.


Medusa, the next generation of tiger game, is characterized by Medusa, the famous snake head mythical creature. NextGen has done a good job in the graphics aspect of the game, which undoubtedly helps players immerse themselves in Medusa’s world.

Pay attention to Medusa when spinning freely, because she is close to you when spinning freely.

Conqueror GONZO

According to Gonzalo Pizzaro, the Spanish explorer, the conqueror is the main character in the slot machine game “Gonzo’s exploration”. His most remarkable discovery is the lost city of Eldorado. This game is a five disk slot machine. Its attractive conquest theme design attracts the attention of novice slot machine players and experts.


Micro gamin’s slot machine game Ariana features an attractive Mermaid of the same name. Ariana will accompany the players to the deep sea and play the underwater heroine. Interestingly, as the game went on, Ariana’s image piled on the scroll, and her image was also wild in the game. Ariana’s symbol is most valuable in the game.

If all the scrolls are stacked with the straggle pattern, different matching symbols will be expanded and various series payment possibilities will be generated.

Mount Tai

Taishan is the most famous character in the movie of the same name. The story of the game revolves around the fictional character Tarzan, who is known to be raised by gorillas in the jungle. Interestingly, the symbol of Mount Tai is not the only powerful symbol; there are four other powerful symbols – Jane, leopard, Archimedes and monkey.

Taishan is a jungle themed online slot machine with 5 Reels and 40 payment lines.


Cleopatra is a character in the online slot machine game “Pharaoh of Egypt”. She is arguably the most important character in the game. She is famous for several reasons. First of all, she is one of the very few women with such power. More importantly, she was the last Pharaoh of Egypt.

This is the story of Cleopatra, whose intrigue and charm inspired the developers of Egyptian pharaohs.


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