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Joshua Raleigh


April 3, 2018

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The casino wants us to stay as much as possible in their place. To ensure that customers stay to gamble, casinos use a variety of tricks. These tricks affect our subconscious mind and manipulate us to spend more time (and certainly more money) in the casino. Read on to learn how casinos manipulate players to spend more time in their venues.

What time is it?

Believe it or not, many people are not used to wearing watches. Of course, the game industry knows that, but they don’t want to help you record time. In fact, they want you to know what time it is.

When people do what they like, they usually feel that time passes quickly. In essence, the less time players know, the more likely they are to continue gambling.

Do you want time from the dealer? No. In most casinos, dealers are told not to tell players the time.

Recently, casinos, mostly in the UK, have begun to adopt new rules, mainly because of pressure from regulators who say they cannot deny players the right to know time.

Day or night?

Did you notice that there are windows in the casino? Of course, there are windows near the entrance and / or exit, but that’s all. Once you get into the center of the casino, you won’t see a window. This trick is inseparable from no clock.

Essentially, casinos want to lure you in and make you forget what time it is, even day or night. They want you to focus and play. Naturally, when you have a window nearby, you may be distracted by things on the street and stop playing. Of course, it’s not profitable for casinos.

But that’s not all: most of Las Vegas’s streets are very bright and flashy – sometimes the street atmosphere is more attractive than the casino atmosphere – which may make players want to go out and play. How to solve the problem of keeping players indoors? By removing the windows.


Think about the environment around the casino. Lighting, carpet, color – the whole atmosphere of the casino makes people feel as comfortable and warm as home.

The lights in the casino are dim, aren’t they? Well, there’s a reason behind this – dazzling light can be harmful to the eyes and make people feel like they’re being interrogated. On the other hand, the dim light will turn into a comfortable feeling, so that players can enjoy and feel safe at the same time. Interestingly, even carpets are picked out for a reason. Most people think the carpets in casinos are out of date, flashy, etc. However, the human brain does not share the same view. For the brain, the carpets in casinos are delightful with their colors, patterns and strange lines. Besides, there are walls, charming paints, wallpaper and music playing in the casino. Everything is ready.

The goal of the casino is to use your senses as much as possible, so that your brain can have a better memory of this place, so that you want to go to this place again.

Almost won

There is no doubt that when a player wins a great victory, his feeling is incomparable. But you know, winning almost makes your adrenaline go crazy? Whether you play table games or slot machines, the principle behind all casino games is the same: you win some money in the first place, but the casino wins more in the end. Think of slot machines – they usually give small bonuses to players who are only one minute / seven minutes away from winning the slot machine head prize. Being so close to winning can affect players and make them bet more (and think they can actually win).

The game on the table is no different. A gambler may have won several hands in a poker game and began to believe that the game could win. But the house has an advantage, which means it always wins in the long run.

There are also games where players feel they can control results, such as dice. Players don’t realize that the house has an advantage, and believe that they control the game, they can spend the whole day (and night) throwing dice.


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